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6 Jun 2016

#USA, #Texas: Reported #Zika Virus Cases – June 6, 2016 (DoH, edited)


Title: #USA, #Texas: Reported #Zika Virus Cases – June 6, 2016.

Subject: Zika Virus Disease, US State of Texas daily epidemiological update.

Source: US State of Texas Department of Health, full page: (LINK).

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Reported Zika Virus Cases – June 6, 2016.

Texas has had 40 reported cases of Zika virus disease.

Of those, 39 were in travelers who were infected abroad and diagnosed after they returned home; one of those travelers was a pregnant woman. One case involved a Dallas County resident who had sexual contact with someone who acquired the Zika infection while traveling abroad.


Case counts by county:

  1. Bexar – 6
  2. Collin – 1
  3. Dallas – 6
  4. Denton – 2
  5. Fort Bend – 2
  6. Grayson – 1
  7. Harris – 13
  8. Tarrant – 4
  9. Travis – 2
  10. Val Verde – 1
  11. Williamson – 1
  12. Wise – 1


Note: Zika case data for Texas will be updated weekdays by 11 a.m.


Texas Reports Data to CDC’s National Zika Pregnancy Registry

June 3, 2016 - Texas Reports Data to CDC’s National Zika Pregnancy Registry

The CDC began publicly reporting the number of pregnant women who may be affected by Zika virus in the United States. The newly released numbers are based on a broader definition from the CDC and its effort to more fully communicate the potential impact on pregnant women nationally.

The Zika situation in Texas has not changed, though Texas is now providing Zika pregnancy data in a new way.

Texas has reported to the CDC one confirmed case of Zika in a pregnant woman who traveled abroad to an area with Zika transmission.

There have been 10 additional pregnancies in Texas with laboratory evidence of Zika infection since tracking and testing for Zika began, but all of those 10 had no symptoms and do not meet the Zika case definition.



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